Friday, December 18, 2015

Comedy stuff

I'm getting fearful for the bottom dwellers in the weekly syndie game show ratings. But there's a new game show possibility for fall 2016 in syndication.

Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios is peddling Funny You Should Ask. This looks like a real game show, as opposed to standup comedy shows like Whose Line. The format will "feature a panel of professional standup comics who interact with contestants for cash and prizes."

If you're wondering about gameplay details, I don't have any. The linked Deadline story is mum on the nuts and bolts, except "the stakes increase in every episode as the game progresses." Does that mean there's a carryover payoff from one ep to anther? How exactly will that work in syndication? Can't say right now.

One thing seems clear: r-rated humor is apparently out. Allen says the show will offer "comedy for the whole family." So unless the whole family is like the clans on Family Feud, the humor will probably stay well on the PG side. Maybe that's the idea, a cleaner comedy game show than Feud. We'll see...if the show gets to air.

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  1. Note that Sarah Purcell, Bill Rafferty, and David Ruprecht, all former Real People co-hosts, have hosted game shows. Skip Stephenson was a celeb on Password PLus, Match Game 81-82 and MGHS hour.