Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas entry

On Christmas Day Google News provides an cute item about a Christian school play set as a game show. The school is in the Anza valley in California, and the play was called Fact or Fiction, the Christmas Edition.

More or less, it sounds like they staged an episode of American Bible Challenge, with an emphasis on the Christmas story. "The play called Fact or Fiction, The Christmas Edition, was set as a modern game show with a game show master of ceremonies Benjamin Clegg as Blink Hostalot, a 10th grader in the upper level school."

I guess "Blink Hostalot" is a nod toward Wink Martindale, who has hosted a lot of game shows. The linked story goes on: "The play continued with Bible questions being asked by Mr. Hostalot and the two teams responding, showing some typical human behaviors of jealousy, sadness and envy."

Hm, jealousy, sadness and envy. Sounds like your state-of-the-art game show format. The story carefully credits all the kids in the play/game show, which will make their parents happy. They've even got DVD's of the show, if you're interested.

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