Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Billy dies in the ratings but escapes from Scientology

It was probably predictable. Billy on the Street is dying on truTV. The latest run was almost invisible in the numbers: 131K viewers and a 0.05 18-49 rating.

That's less than a third of truTV's November prime time average. Ouch. Mr. Eichner's act is fringe cable stuff at best. Most viewers seem to get tired of him in a hurry. But Billy still gets a lot of love from various corners of the Interwebs. His latest "Escape from Scientology" video has gone semi-viral.

In the excruciatingly long skit, Billy sends Rachel Dratch through a bizarro obstacle course to parody Leah Remini's escape from you-know-what. As always with Billy, he pounds the joke into the ground, digs it back up, and pounds it in again. Hard to believe, but the segment might make some viewers more sympathetic to Scientology. They might figure that with Billy for an enemy, the religion must be doing something right.

Billy is fun for maybe a minute and a half on a YouTube video. But I really have to wonder why truTV thought he would succeed with a half-hour show on what is still a fairly mainstream cable net.

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