Friday, December 11, 2015

Ask me

Samantha Bennett, a Pittsburgh columnist, went on an obscure radio game show and wrote a long contestant story about it.

The show was Ask Me Another, an NPR offering that's sort of public radio's answer to You Bet Your Life. In other words, it's an interview vehicle for the host, a standup comic gloriously named Ophira Eisenberg, with some quiz questions here and there. Nobody will rate Ophira anywhere close to Groucho as a comic talent, but she tries her best. She does have kind of an annoyingly coy voice. But my voice ain't so great, either.

Anyhoo, contestant Bennett did fine on the show. You can listen to her effort here. In her column Samantha says that Ask Me Another was "very civilized, very cordial, very NPR." Most importantly she "managed to sound goofy without giving a single wrong answer."

Nice to know that our taxpayer dollars are going to a radio game show. At least we're helping to give a civilized experience to a Pittsburgh columnist.

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