Monday, December 28, 2015

Accepting middle age

Gotta admit I never spend a minute on HSN or any of the other shopping networks that litter my cable system. I'm just not in the market for knickknacks and trinkets. So I was mildly surprised to learn that HSN actually runs a sort of game show on Friday night.

If you want a peek at the show, try this YouTube playlist that will give you more than any sane person could need. Host Sean Daly plays various games - mostly ripped off from other shows - with call-in viewers. One segment shows him playing a gift-card version of Card Sharks with a lady viewer who just can't get the hang of it. She guesses "lower" on a fifty-dollar card and bombs out.

But the linked story is more about Mr. Daly's acceptance of encroaching middle age than about the details of his show. (Though he does offer a funny story about Shaquille O'Neal, who guested on one ep.) Sean finally makes peace with "new blemishes, new eye bags, new bloat every morning." I know the feeling, pal. You're only in your forties. Wait until you get to your sixties.

He does invoke a few icons of the genre in his struggle with the accumulating years. "Did Alex Trebek and Gene Rayburn and Bob Barker go through this? Someone get me Sajak on the phone."

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