Thursday, November 12, 2015

What are you doing?

Back when it was doing game show stuff, Game Show Garbage had a section called "Dumb Answers." Too bad the site wasn't tuned to Wheel of Fortune last Tuesday.

Contestant Nura Fountaneaux had a pretty good night on the show. She won the front game with $13,970 in loot, which is $13,970 more than I've ever won on a game show. She didn't nail the bonus round but nobody's perfect.

But what has the game show Interwebs buzzing is the speed-up round. For whatever reason Nura played the round like she was trying to lose. She guessed "Z" and "Q" and "X" and didn't guess at all for a couple turns. Even Pat Sajak, who's been hosting the show for two or three years now, didn't know what to make of it all. As a poster on Buy a Vowel said: "'What are you doing' has never been a more appropriate category."

The kindest interpretation is that she knew she had the front game in the bag and was trying to spread the wealth around to her fellow contestants. In fact, contestant Steve Jostes ended up solving the puzzle for $6,400, which saved him from the pity thousand. It's veterans week on the show, and some tweeters thought that fellow-feeling among the vets might have motivated Nura.

Guess we'll never know for sure unless Nura publishes her memoirs one of these days. But if I ever get on the show - fat chance - remind me not to guess "Z" and "Q" and "X" in the speed-up round.


  1. That's a good theiry, Casey. Most people don't think of "spreading the wealth". Regarding the image, I would've expected "I" "N" and "G" to appear before a T for that category.

  2. You really need to be reminded not to do that if you get on? :P

  3. The theory that she was sandbagging because she had the game in the bag, and would be going to the bonus round automatically, was clearly flawed, as she proved. Troy was one turn away from stealing the bonus round by her absurd play. If it was her intention to give the puzzle to somebody else (we still don't know that for a fact) she would have been better served to pick letters in the puzzle but not solve the puzzle. I illustrated that in a ridiculously long blog. I'll post a link if you don't object to such things on your blog.

    1. The thread on Buy a Vowel already makes this argument. But you're welcome to post a link to your blog entry.

    2. long, still unedited analysis is at

      reflection upon the online speculation, much shorter, is at

      i'm a big fan of shortening links.