Sunday, November 8, 2015

TPiR comes to town

Sooner or later The Price is Right's live show will come to your town. And when it does, the local news will notice.

This story from the NBC affiliate in Utica, NY recounts TPiR's visit to what is apparently a historic local theater called the Stanley. The venue does seem to have a lot of cheesy but endearing rococo decoration. It also had 2,200 cheering wannabe contestants packing the place.

It was certainly an event that excited many. History was made today in Downtown Utica. That's how the story concludes in a hushed tone of reverence. Which sounds hilariously overdone, but what the hey, the show probably was a pretty big deal for Utica. Oddly, the story doesn't name Todd Newton, who ran this particular show, or Drew Carey, who I understand does the TV version. This was the NBC station, after all, and maybe they didn't want to give too much free publicity to the competition.

Bob Barker does get a shout-out, and there's a nice glimpse of Johnny Olson - see the screenshot - even if his name goes unmentioned. The Stanley's executive director, a gentleman named Jerry Kraus, enthuses about the event: "We've had concerts, comedy, seminars...and now we bring a real, bona fide game show to the Stanley." Yep, it's a bona fide game show, all right.

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