Monday, November 30, 2015

The past is always with us

In the past few days I've whined that a couple of game show boards, Game Show Forum and Golden Road, live too much in the past of our little genre. Well, maybe I'm almost as caught up in the past as they are.

The proof? An innocuous travel column - from New Zealand, of all places - that doesn't even have much to do with game shows. The columnist advises us to take our own pillows on our trips. Okay, whatever about pillows. The game show reference happens in this sentence...

Kitty Carlisle Hart, actor, opera singer, Broadway star, and wife of Broadway composer Moss Hart, but most famous perhaps for being a longtime panelist on What's My Line? (a popular television game show for those of you under 50), answered that she always travelled with a toaster, because hotel room service never delivered toast warm or crispy enough.

The game show goof in the sentence grated on my eyes. Of course, Kitty Carlisle was most famous as a longtime panelist on To Tell the Truth, not What's My Line. I'm an over-50 game show blogger, and I should know.

To give the columnist a little credit, Kitty Carlisle was an occasional guest panelist on WML. Her most notable appearance was on the November 14, 1965 ep after Dorothy Kilgallen's death. But if a travel column can annoy me so much with such a tiny error about the past, I probably shouldn't chide anybody else for obsessing over ancient game show history.


  1. GSN will be airing WML and IGAS in late nights for the week of 12/14-12/18 and presumably for the week of 12/21-12/25. 12/18's WML airing is a 1973 Larry Blyden episode with Leonard Nimoy as a guest.

    1. Just posted a faux tweet about it, with a screenshot of Nimoy on WML.