Wednesday, November 4, 2015

T of C

November sweeps arrive, and with them comes the one Jeopardy stunt I like. The Tournament of Champions.

By game show standards, this stunt has practically achieved classic status. Older than the Super Bowl - Jeopardy's first T of C ran in 1964, three years before that football game (or parade of ads) got started - the show doesn't use roman numerals on the tournaments. For which we can be grateful. But counting the events on Wikipedia yields XLII for next week's tourney, if the show were so inclined.

Actually, that's cheating a little because the forty-two tournaments include a couple of unusual stunts, like the Battle of the Decades. But what the hey, let's not get too persnickety here. Do we have to phrase everything in the form of a question?

The odds-on favorite for this year's tilt is Matt Jackson, of course. But there's many a slip betwixt cup and lip. One bad bet on Final Jeopardy could scramble everything. It all starts Monday, November 9.

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