Friday, November 13, 2015

Second verse, not quite the same as the first

A while back I wrote about Justin Peters, a contestant who flamed out spectacularly last season on Millionaire. He dropped $225,000 of hard-earned cash to finish with twenty-five grand. Sure, that's not a bad payday for answering trivia questions, but it was still a painful comedown.

That was then and this is now. Justin got a second chance on Millionaire this week, and he ended up doing a little better, with fifty grand in winnings. That makes $75,000 in all if you're counting. Which means that Mr. Peters can no longer be called a game show loser in any meaningful sense of the word.

He's still got a goofy sense of humor, though. His facial expressions indicate, let's say, some eccentricity, and his comments on his second Millionaire appearance don't disappoint. He says that Millionaire's new host should introduce the show by saying: "I'm your host, Chris Harrison; please do not climb me like a tree." (See the linked story for an explanation.)

Justin also refers to Millionaire as a "struggling lightly-watched syndicated game show." Well, yeah, the show has taken its lumps this season from worse time slots and sometimes no time slots in various markets. But at least it managed a season high in the most recent household ratings.

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