Saturday, November 7, 2015

Original originals on Buzzr

Just stopped by the Buzzr YouTube channel to see what's going on with the Fremantle effort.

Well, what's going on is original originals. In other words, Buzzr has posted a couple game shows, Big Batsu and Boyfriend Wars, that aren't remakes of old formats.

As you might guess from the title, the first show is an attempt to recreate the craziness of Japanese game shows. This episode offers people sucking seeds through straws. The girl contestant also shows off her cleavage. I like the cleavage better than the seeds. The video has a 127-33 like-dislike ratio, not so hot by Buzzr's usual standards. The good thing is that the video only lasts five minutes.

The second show presents a guy named Nicola Foti and his boyfriend. I guess the same-sex relationship is the hook for this show, which consists of the boyfriends challenging each other with trivia questions. It's a lot quieter than the Japanese-inspired show, so it has a better like-dislike ratio. Again, the video flips by in six minutes, so the time demand is very light, whether you like the show or not.

The players on both these shows are the usual YouTube young'uns that nobody's ever heard of. Production values are intentionally nonexistent, to give the shows a cheap found-footage feel. While it's nice to see the channel try something different, I kind of agree with this sour comment...

Bring back the Game shows we know and love this is just not what I subscribe to. First yellow paco's [Big Batsu] and now this [Boyfriend Wars]. I mean I want a Host, contestants, and game show set. Or at least let us know when Buzzr will come back.

Oh, maybe Buzzr will eventually make some more episodes of Password and Family Feud.

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