Thursday, November 19, 2015

Newlywed Game sells chicken

Today I could write about GSN's upcoming Winsanity, but I figure Scott Rahner has that covered from seven different angles on Game Show Network News. (He does.)

So I'll post about a KFC ad campaign. But it's not just any ad campaign. First, it's in Britain, though I wouldn't be amazed to see a similar commercial here. Second, it's Christmas themed and kind of sweet. And third, it's got a game show angle.

A Newlywed Game angle, to be exact. Pairs of supposedly real best friends - that's what the linked story says - play a goofy version of Bob Eubank's old chestnut. If they "win," an offscreen extra drops a piece of chicken into their Xmas bucket. In the screenshot a couple girls are matching up their common interest in boys. You can catch a glimpse of the Christmas tree in the background.

There are more sentimental matchups, which a cynic might condemn as a crassly commercial tug at the heartstrings. But what the hey, we get all sorts of crass commercialism during the holidays, so it might as well be commercialism with a game show accent.

One more note. The Colonel himself made a memorable pair of game show appearances on What's My Line and I've Got a Secret. You can watch here and here.

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