Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lift me up

Game Plane tried Cash Cab on an airplane. Labor Games tried Cash Cab in a delivery room. Now an entrepreneur wants to try Cash Cab on a ski lift.

Virginian Kelly Robinson is trying to crowdfund a pilot for Trivia Lift, where unsuspecting skiers on a lift get bugged with trivia questions. As the meter clicks, er, I mean as the ski lift rises, the questions get harder and the stakes get higher. There's even an available shoutout to other skiers riding the lift behind the contestants.

Robinson would host the show himself. If he raises enough money, he plans to tape a pilot in March and peddle it to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. He already has a crew lined up for the pilot, including a couple tech guys from the Canadian version of Cash Cab.

Kelly says he got the idea for the show when he was watching Cash Cab with his father last December. The elder Robinson told his son: "You know, they don't make new episodes of this show." That's when Kelly started imagining the show on a ski lift.

But now that I think about it, why doesn't somebody try making a few new eps of Cash Cab itself? Ben Bailey is available, isn't he?


  1. Yet another ambush quizzer?

  2. So if they guess wrong, the lift stops and drops them, right? Right??? :-)

    1. I don't think so (wink). They still get the full ride, just not the money.