Friday, November 20, 2015

Jim Perry 1933-2015

Sad news today. Jim Perry, host of Card Sharks and $ale of the Century among other game shows, has died at age 82 after a long battle with cancer.

Jim Perry doesn't often turn up in those lists of great game show hosts that appear now and then on the Interwebs. But he was always a solid, competent, reassuring presence on the sound stage. Well known in Canada, Perry hosted shows on both sides of the border, including a very long stint (1974-89) on Definition. He also hosted the Miss Canada pageant from 1967 to 1990. The unflappable emcee never lacked for work.

After hosting the short-lived U.S game show It's Your Move in 1967, Perry hit it big in the 1970s and 1980s with Card Sharks and $ale. His Wikipedia bio notes his funny turn as a celeb player on Family Feud in 1983. Richard Dawson coaxed a reply from Jim about mouthwash.

Jim Perry more or less retired after a few gigs in the 1990s. He settled in Oregon with his wife June. R.I.P.

UPDATE: On his Facebook page Wink Martindale has announced that he will post five rare eps of Jim Perry's $ale on YouTube. I assume GSN and Buzzr TV, both of which run Jim's Card Sharks regularly, will also do some kind of tribute.


  1. will GSN Network do a Marathon in his honor

  2. GSN Network Must do a Wonderful Jim Perry Marathon of Card Sharks Episodes and Sale Of The Century in his Honor by Airing 24 Hour Marathon of Card Sharks and Sale Of The Century and Air Crystal Miller 9th Episode and All 11 Lisa Munoz Episodes that is how to say Goodbye to one of the greatest game show hosts

  3. I was completely unaware that he had been battling cancer for the last five years. That, in my eyes, makes him all the more admirable for him going out of his way to send me an autographed photo, and for him to sign a photo I mailed to him two years ago. You were a good man, a fantastic host, and above all else, a gracious human being. You will be greatly missed. My condolences also go out to his wife June, his children Erin and Sean, and the other members of the Perry family. May you all find comfort and solace in this difficult time.