Friday, November 27, 2015

History lesson

Readers of this blog know that I'm no fan of the obsession with the past which plagues the game show Interwebs. Yesterday I posted an entry that dumped on Game Show Forum, which might be the obsession's HQ.

But our little genre does have a long history, after all, and even grumpy old moi can appreciate the occasional blast from the past. I watch old game shows on YouTube a lot, and I enjoyed this article about Indiana's Lillie McClintock, a spry 91-year-old who appeared on the ancient black-and-white The Price is Right in 1957.

Bill Cullen was running the show back then, of course. The story says that TPiR was the first game show to be broadcast in color, which seems a stretch. Wikipedia qualifies the claim and says The Price is Right was "Goodson-Todman's first regularly aired game show" to run in color, which looks more accurate. (It's a strange day when I'm accepting Wikipedia as seemingly more accurate than anything.)

By an odd coincidence Lillie McClintock is almost exactly contemporaneous with Bob Barker, who you may recall from TPiR lore. The linked story has a lot of fun details about how she landed on the contestant panel and how the show was run back then. She still has the radio she won on her episode, and model Bess Myerson "was as beautiful as she expected her to be."

In a nice note, Lillie McClintock attended The Price is Right's live show when it visited Indiana earlier this month. Host George Gray interviewed her about her 1957 turn on the show.

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