Monday, November 2, 2015


As very few of you may know, Game Plane - Allegiant Air's attempt to put Cash Cab into the sky - has landed (sorry) on Discovery Family for its second season. It's been a crash landing, and the plane has sustained heavy damage. Showbuzz has been inspecting the Nielsen black boxes that recorded the bumpy ride. A poster asked Mitch Salem, the site's always helpful writer, for Game Plane's latest ratings. The amusing exchange:

Poster: Hey, It looks like The Game Plane is back into season 2 produced shows. So how went the trip, good sir?

Mitch: Game Plane: 0.01/16K (a caution: don't look for us to be reporting this show on a weekly basis with numbers at this level)

Poster: Somehow I don't think that'll be an issue much longer. That's anemic even for Discovery Family levels.

"Anemic" doesn't begin to describe the disaster. Sure, Discovery Family is a little-watched network, with 176K/80K/166K viewer averages for prime time/total day/extended prime time in October. But all those numbers look ginormous compared to the infinitesimal ratings Game Plane is pulling. In fact, the audience is probably too small for Nielsen's sample to track it accurately.

The show may just be too cheap and derivative to get anybody to watch, even with a fine host like Mark Walberg. I kind of like the low-rent nonsense, but I'm a low-rent kind of guy.


  1. Their bonus round is pretty much Card Sharks(while LMAD has a car game that is essentially Card SHarks, LMAD and Card SHarks are both Fremantle properties). THey also have one of their games pretty much like the Pyramid maingame

    1. No kidding. The show rips off every game show ever made. But I like the cheap and cheesy antics. Hardly anybody else seems to like Game Plane, though.

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