Saturday, November 21, 2015

Food guessing

Took a look at the Buzzr channel on YouTube today to see what those silly Fremantle kids are doing now.

As I noted a while back, Fremantle has apparently decided that it's too expensive to create any more new versions of old game show formats. You have to pay for sets and writers and hosts and all that other stuff. Maybe you don't have to pay very much, but it looks like Fremantle doesn't want to spend a dime on the channel.

So they're spending a nickel apiece on very brief videos with goofy games played in people's apartments...or on the roofs of their apartment buildings. The latest effort is Guess This Food. The name pretty well tells the story. Blindfolded contestants have to guess which food they're holding in their hand or tasting very gingerly.

The host is, of course, a YouTube kid that nobody's ever heard of. His name is Dominic DeAngelis, and he appeared as a contestant on Buzzr's versions of Family Feud and Beat the Clock. That was back when Buzzr was doing real game shows. The contestants are fellow YouTube kids that nobody's ever...well, you get the idea.

The video lasts four minutes and looks like it cost four cents (not even a nickel). A commenter questions plaintively: "When are the new seasons of Family Feud, Beat the Clock, Password, or Celeb Name Game coming back???" The obvious answer: when Fremantle decides to spend a little money on new seasons. Which may be never.

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