Sunday, November 1, 2015

Another journey

As The Price is Right's live show wends its way through every nook and cranny of the Great American Hinterland, Let's Make a Deal's live show is not far behind.

The traveling LMAD spectacle is wrapping up a five-day stay at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, after a couple shows in Michigan. The game of chance and zonks is a natural for gambling emporiums. Mark Walberg is hosting the show because he can host anything. Tickets are thirty bucks apiece, and everybody's got as good a chance as everybody else to get onstage and get a deal. There's no prescreening, though costumes are encouraged.

The linked story has a few details about Walberg that I didn't know. He has two grown children, a daughter who's a ballerina in Kansas City and a son who's a Navy pilot. Ticketmaster says that the next stop for Let's Make a Deal's live show is Charles Town WV. A couple dates at Binghamton NY and Rockford IL have been cancelled. Guess the tickets sales weren't brisk enough.

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