Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another Feud whine

Any reader of this blog knows that I have little patience with the Victorian maidens who get their knickers in a twist over the mildly off-color material on Family Feud.

But now somebody has combined the prudery with a weird ethnic grievance. This column by a Portales, NM resident moans: "Over the past two decades, I've only seen one or two Hispanic families on Family Feud." Oh, really? A simple Google search rounded up plenty of YouTube clips of Hispanic families on Feud. Just for funsies I took a screenshot of one of them. The idea that Feud is excluding families of any ethnicity is beyond stupid.

To give the columnist credit, she admits that she might be wrong about the alleged ethnic snub. But then she goes on to faint over a question on Feud about, gasp, Viagra. Why, it's like nobody's ever heard of such things...except in the bazillion ads every day for ED drugs.

To top off the all-round brilliance she then mopes - get this - that we never hear about Hispanics playing chess. Somebody tell her about José Raúl Capablanca, who was only one of the most famous world chess champions of all time. Or Leinier Domínguez, currently in the top 30 worldwide.

She finishes with a plug for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Hope she doesn't get p.o.ed that there aren't enough Hispanics in the T of C.


  1. Yep, there are many people on the Internet who gripe that there aren't enough people of colo (that is, oeople who arent Caucasian in TV shows or somewhere else. It's all in the name of "social justice".

  2. The usual complaint about Family Feud is that there aren't enough white families. Everybody complains about something.