Friday, October 23, 2015

TPiR news and views

The Price is Right's models can't stay out of the comedy news, fictional or real-life. On the heels (bad pun) of Showtime developing a sitcom about Barker's sometimes disgruntled Beauties, one of the show's current models has trouble with her own heels. Amber Lancaster stumbled backwards in her high heels and broke one of the 74,593 light bulbs on TPiR's set.

Maybe they can work that incident into the sitcom. Or maybe not. Showtime seems intent on making Barker into the bad guy boss - haven't we seen that stereotype before, like 74,593 times? - and they probably don't have much use for anything on Carey's version of the show. Though the models' lawsuits have certainly continued under Drew's reign. Whatever else you might think about the show, The Price is Right is a very effective jobs program for lawyers.

Speaking of Bob Barker, he recently tripped and fell himself, with much more serious effects. The 91-year-old legend was taking his usual daily walk when he fell to the sidewalk and sustained a cut on his head. Luckily, he seems well on his way to recovery. All sorts of news items are collecting around The Price is Right in the past few days.


  1. Speaking of Price is Right models, I did learn that current model, Manuela, did recently injure her foot, possibly while modeling a trampoline. I would assume she demonstrated the trampoline barefoot, though I do remember back in the latter years of Bob Barker, that Brandi, Shane and Lanisha demonstrated trampolines with sneakers on, whill other models demonstrated them barefoot Maybe Brandi, Shane and Lanisha were safety-conscious? Judging by the bandage on Manuela's flip-flop clad foot in an Instagram photo, I would assume that Manuela twisted her ankle?

    1. Yep, I saw that photo. Manuela Arbelaez is best known for giving away a car by accident. The video clip got the show plenty of free publicity.