Monday, October 26, 2015

The nicer side of Feud

My last post relating to Family Feud was a sour note about Steve Harvey and two Miami college students. I have my doubts about the tuition-offer story, but it's gone public on the local Miami news. So I hunted around for nicer Feud bits and found a couple in the local Omaha media.

The Skaff family from Omaha appears on Family Feud today. Like many game show contestants they're planning a viewing party for the episode. But in a nice twist, they're inviting the Kirshenbaum family, another group of Omahans - that's apparently the correct term, though it looks a little strange - who appeared on Feud last month.

You can read about the two families' experiences here and here. Honest to God, a member of the Skaff family uses the s-word. "All of us grew up with the show, and suddenly you're on the show. It's a surreal moment [emphasis mine]. You're in the backroom, they lead you onto the stage, and within a matter of minutes, here comes Steve Harvey."

Meanwhile, one of the Kirshenbaums offers the usual kind words about Steve, with a little extra. "Family Feud host Steve Harvey is the nicest guy and has the softest hands." Now you know about Steve's hand texture.

UPDATE: In a distantly related item Broadcasting and Cable, a.k.a. the Steve Harvey fan club, gushes over Family Feud's ratings. The story does note that Feud benefits a lot from its multiple daily runs, compared to single-run Wheel of Fortune. B&C also repeats rumors about possible syndie runs for Chain Reaction and Monopoly Millionaires Club. Then they toss in speculation over 500 Questions and Heads Up joining the syndie fray. The story is oddly upbeat about Celebrity Name Game but hangs crepe for Millionaire.

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