Saturday, October 10, 2015

The model late night host

Late night talk shows have never been my fave. In fact, I can't remember much about any of them except Carnak the Magnificent. (Man, am I dating myself.) But an odd item has cropped up in Google News about late night host James Corden filling in as a model on The Price is Right. And you know I can't resist odd game show items.

The chunky Corden seems to be a good sport about it all. He talks about how he's going back to his runway roots and putting the regular models to shame. TPiR hunk James O'Halloran agrees that Corden's hip thrusts are noteworthy. "I haven't seen such a thing." Neither have I, now that you mention it.

Meanwhile, it looks like Drew Carey will take a turn on Corden's show. Somehow he hasn't made an appearance yet. Drew shows up everywhere sooner or later.


  1. speaking of cars on game shows, i am adoring "let's make a deal" on bounce and the 1971 pontiacs! (and the creamettes, of course.)

    1. Who knows? Corden may show up as a sub for Tiffany on the current LMAD one of these days.

    2. I think Craig Ferguson guest modeled a game back in 2012 when he was promoting his Scotland shows.

  2. I watched his episode today.

    All I can say is...I hope it's only a one-off. :P

  3. Buzzr is airing 70s Let's Make a Deal, episodes, not Bounce.