Thursday, October 1, 2015

Syndie scuttlebutt

With NBC signed up for ten eps of a new game show based on the QuizUp app, rumors have started about possible syndie gamers for fall 2016.

Frankly, it seems pretty grim for a couple of syndie game shows in fall 2015. As anybody who has glanced at this week's ratings knows, Millionaire and Celebrity Name Game look screwed, blued and tattooed. But hope springs eternal in game show land, so GSN is supposedly looking at a possible syndie version of its new Chain Reaction. The show has endured something of a checkered ratings history at our little game show network. But Sony might figure that hunky host Mike Catherwood could lure enough of the almighty W25-54 demo.

Another possibility for next fall, says the linked story from TV News Check, is Monopoly Millionaires Club as a weekday strip. The money would clearly need to be reduced. The set looks so gorgeous, though. Maybe the producers want to use it more often.

Then there are even less tangible rumors, like possible remakes of Love Connection, Make Me Laugh and He Said She Said. The details are thoroughly vague on these projects, and it's iffy at best that any of them will materialize as an actual show.

UNRELATED UPDATE TO A PREVIOUS POST: Buzzr has revamped its website. Don't look now, but along with the oldies there's lots of stuff about the YouTube originals. Could we be seeing some of the new shows on the TV subchannel? Can't wait for screams and hollers from the classics fans if that happens.


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    1. Well, I do like the new Chain Reaction. Not sure how well it would do in syndication, though. I like Baggage, too, and it flopped as a syndie.

  2. Quiz Up just sounds like, 1 Vs. 100 -as the MSQ. He Said... supposedly is a new non-celebrity version, of Tattletales.CR needs to improve its prize budget quickly, since no one in syndication is watching a $5,000 bonus round in 2015+.

  3. Honestly, QuizUp sounds pretty awesome, can't wait to see it!

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