Saturday, October 3, 2015

Star games

Speaking of renewals, it looks like Hollywood Game Night has gotten a fourth go-round from NBC.

At least that's what this story says, as linked in a faux tweet. And since the source is Grant Taylor, a showrunner and the head writer for the show, the news looks reliable. We'll see more stars - or sort of stars, the show likes celebs who are more relatable (and affordable) than A-listers - at play starting January 4.

The show has become an oddball success, producing reasonable numbers for NBC and spawning a scad of international versions. Jane Lynch is a talented host, competent at running all the goofy games - Wikipedia lists about fifty of them - and always ready with a quip. She deserves her Emmys for the show, as much as anybody can deserve showbiz self-congratulation.

The idea for Hollywood Game Night has always sounded a little noblesse oblige-y, in a vaguely irritating way. NBC's own site tells us: "Two contestants are transported from their everyday lives into a once-in-a-lifetime night of fun and celebration as they step beyond the velvet rope [and] rub shoulders with some of their favorite celebrities."

Oh, isn't that nice of the high and mighty to rub shoulders with the grubby hoi polloi. In practice, though, the show proves more pleasant, as both celebs and civvies just try to win the games. The new season should bring the number of episodes up to fifty or so. Enough for GSN to grind them into dust, once the NBC run ends.

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