Friday, October 2, 2015

Renewed life

As a faux tweet said, two traditional studio-based game shows will ride again on ABC. (I couldn't resist the Variety-ism "alphabet net.") 500 Questions got the formal nod yesterday, and it's only a matter of time - and Steve Harvey's bustling schedule - before it's official for Celebrity Family Feud.

Speaking of Variety, the showbiz rag noted dourly that 500 Questions "only" averaged a 1.05 18-49 rating. First, that's hardly a terrible number for summer fare in these times of a splintered TV audience. Second, the quizzer got close to five million viewers for each ep, right in the same neighborhood as the often renewed Hollywood Game Night. True, 500 Questions skews a little older than the Hollywood hijinks. But maybe TV and ad execs are finding out that older people spend money. We generally do have more money to spend, you know.

Which leaves To Tell the Truth, the Anthony Anderson hosted rewind that's supposed to show up on ABC sooner or later. The network brought in Betty White to add some instant game show cred to the project, along with NeNe Leakes for the messy reality crowd. Anderson's Black-ish has performed decently for the network. We'll see if he can shepherd a third traditional game show to an ABC renewal.

Sadly, all the game shows on Fox this summer look like one-and-done. Can't win (or renew) them all.


  1. Hollywood Game Night will get renewed for another series probably. Will they actually ask 500 Questions in the next series of the same-named series, however.

    1. A faux tweet about the head writer on Hollywood Game Night links to a story that says the show will tape its fourth season later this month and return January 4.

  2. I don't understand why ABC is renewing "500 Questions", that show really doesn't deserve it.

    1. The Nielsen Company decides which shows "deserve" to return. 500 Questions got numbers that were decent enough for a renewal.

    2. I loved the show, actually. It's a great, unique format and it's something fresh.

      Heck, I'm surprised the shows coming back myself. Whenever there's a show I like it gets dumped,(ie: Who's Still Standing), but the ratings are what they are sometimes.

      However nowadays networks cancel shows because they skew old, they don't care how they do overall, but how it does with young/old viewers. That's why I thought 500 Questions would be cancelled because I'd think it would skew old and hey, they're bringing it back.

      Richard Quest is a good host.

    3. I didn't like 500 Questions because of the format. There isn't much action for the opposing player to play. Out of the 50 questions in the round, here is what I found out. There are...

      40 Regular Questions
      5 Battle
      3 Top 10 Challenges
      2 Triple Threat

      The host is also my problem. He keeps repeating the "Three wrongs in a row and you're gone" over and over and over and... well you get the idea.

      When I heard about "500 Questions", I thought they're going to ask a total of 500 question for the entire season and the player with the most money or answers the most questions correctly is the winner. What they did is they created a similar format copy of "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" except the genius is your enemy.

      It's very hard for me to watch, because there is no way in hell that a single player will be able to answer all 500 questions on their own. Who knows how long will it take, it's like waiting for "Millionaire" to find the person to win $1,000,000. Speaking of $1,000,000, there is no top prize mentioned, nor what happens then they reach the 500th question. It's like there is no light at the end of the tunnel at all, it's all darkness.

      I feel that ABC is wasting money and time on this. If I were to give the show another chance, they better fix everything, including the format.

  3. I suspect ABC might need a replacement for one of their new Fall shows at midseason. 500 Questions and/or Celeb Family Feud, which will also probably get a new series of shows if 500 Questions is, would fit the bill