Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Remember the humor, guys

In case you haven't noticed, another rumpus has erupted over politics on game shows. This time it happened on Jeopardy.

Last Friday the Final Jeopardy clue showed a picture of a flower and asked for its name, which was also "a disparaging term for people on the political left." The correct response was "bleeding heart," but contestant Becky Sullivan - an NPR producer, of all things - wrote "pansy."

Of course, much jollity ensued on the Interwebs over Becky's choice of flower. Odd note: the "thinking" sequence on this particular clue had to be reshot, apparently because of a technical screw-up. But the answers were still real. It's literally a federal crime to rig a game show.

For whatever reason the guys at Game Show Newsnet chose to be definitely Not Amused. They grumped in one of their "lightning round" comments...
#ICYMI: right wing galvanized by an apparent brain fart on Friday's Jeopardy!. Because The INTERNET. Read the article before you hurt someone over this piddle of a shareline, people.
The emphases are in the original. Game Show Newsnet was really irked. An aside: how does that site get away with reprinting, word for word, one entire article after another from other websites? Don't they ever get copyright complaints? And while I'm at it, they should rename the site Unscripted TV Newsnet. Many if not most of their items are non-game show related. Talent contests, reality stuff, comedy shows, etc.

I guess folks on the left were long used to dominating the old media in the U.S. It's that durned INTERNET - to use Game Show Newsnet's all caps - which broke the dominance.

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