Thursday, October 22, 2015

Old, older, oldest

Wouldn't you know, I add the Buzzr Facebook page to my blogroll, and a minor hoohah erupts on the site. Seems that a certain Mr. Dudnikov is upset that Buzzr is replacing the really ancient black-and-white shows on Sunday night with slightly less ancient color shows (see the screenshot).

At what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board, they ridicule Mr. Dudnikov for daring to criticize Buzzr.  Despite some whines about reruns, the oldies subchannel is much beloved on the oldies board. Anyway, the hoohah is just a preview of the screaming rumpus that will arise when Buzzr puts some modern-day shows on its schedule.

Which will happen, of course. Sooner or later Fremantle will realize that the 43 hardcore Internet classics freaks aren't enough to support even a teensy-weensy game show subchannel. In will come Steve Harvey (a.k.a. the Antichrist on the oldies boards) and other current shows despised by the classics faithful. The complaints by Mr. Dudnikov - a terrific Russian name, as Matt Ottinger himself notes - will look piddly compared to the yellfest when Harvey Feud shows up on Buzzr.

By the way, Mr. Dudnikov can still watch plenty of What's My Line on the YouTube WML channel. He better hurry, though, before Buzzr's lawyers shut the channel down.


  1. Heh, funny. Who knows, maybe he doesn't even watch the channel and is trolling just for the attention. :p

  2. Sony goes far more ape-crap than Fremantle does about Youtube postings of their shows. There was a big Fremantle takedown of Press Your LUck episodes a couple of years ago as I recall, but much more TPIR didn't get touched. Sony put cease and desist on people a few months ago for having JOker's WIld episodes on Youtube, which for the most part hasn't aired since 2001 anywhere.