Sunday, October 11, 2015

Live TV, folks

It's been a while since I dropped by the What's My Line channel at YouTube. I was almost afraid that the channel had vanished under Fremantle's legal assault.

Luckily for WML fans like moi, the videos are still in place, as the channel's proprietor vows to keep fighting the good fight. I just finished watching the May 10, 1959 ep, which was notable for an odd incident that broke into the show's usual calm production.

Just after the panel nailed mystery guest Milton Berle, a man ran onstage, shouted "I made it - for Mother's Day," shook hands with a strangely smiling Berle, and ran offstage. Well, it was Mother's Day, and Berle seemed happy enough to greet a possible fan. After the intruder's exit, Milton quipped: "My agent."

In fact, the WML producers never did find out who the intruder was. He seemed harmless enough, probably just a goofy sort who only wanted to get on TV and shake hands with a celeb. As the panel said their good-byes, Bennett Cerf speculated (jokingly) that he might have been Dwight Eisenhower's press secretary, Jim Hagerty.

Otherwise, it was a pretty ordinary episode. British WML host Eamonn Andrews joined the three musketeers - Bennett, Dorothy and Arlene - on the panel. The civvie contestant who bought maternity clothes got the most laughs.

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