Thursday, October 8, 2015


Dating back to Nick Arcade and before, people have tried to make game shows out of video games. The results have not been sensational.

The problem is that the contestants on such formats don't tend to do much. They usually don't answer questions, play word games, try stunts, or even talk. They just sit at a computer and stare at a screen. This makes for less than compelling TV.

But Endemol is trying the gambit again, this time online with their Smasher network. Smasher has just posted its first Legends of Gaming episode on YouTube. Guess what. The ep shows four guys sitting at a computer and staring at a screen (see the screenshot). They play Doom 3 and compete to see who can kill the most.

Endemol is aware of the sitting-at-a-computer problem, so they make the video as short (five minutes) and punchy as possible. Host Toby Turner shouts snide and silly remarks, and an audience of eight onlookers busily makes faces and noises of various kinds. We also get lots of quick glimpses of Doom itself. There's even a post-game interview with the most successful Doom-ster.

I'm not into video games, so Legends of Gaming is not that entertaining for me. But somebody out there likes it. The video has drawn almost 100,000 views on its first day and racked up a like-dislike ratio around 3,400-60.

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