Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hellaciously funny

Just watched the debut ep of Hellevator on GSN, and I can honestly say that I was never scared. I was, however, mightily amused.

This is one of the funniest shows GSN has ever developed. The premise is simple: a combo of Beat the Clock and Friday the 13th. Three put-upon contestants have to complete timed stunts in an abandoned warehouse full of screams, fake corpses, fake corpses doing a lot of screaming, stage blood, stage guts (and other body parts), fiery furnaces, eerie lights, and various low-paid extras playing creepy undertakers and nutcases.

To top it off, the twisted Soska twins mess with the contestants from a control room somewhere in the warehouse. It's all a lot of goofy fun, like a slasher flick where nobody really gets slashed. There's also a fair bit of suspense as the poor schlubs try to finish the stunts while the clock ticks down. Though the corpse of Bud Collyer never turns up, his spirit seems to hover above the ghoulish proceedings. Except the Soskas don't yell stop the clock.

In the debut ep the contestants managed to relieve the producers of $28,000. They deserved it, just for getting splashed by all the faux gore. Meanwhile, I was flipping over to the NLCS during the commercials. The Cubs were going through their own hell. At least they didn't have to put up with the Soskas.

UPDATE: Hellevator turns in decent numbers for GSN, especially in the Sacred (or Scared) Demo. Showbuzz says it got 503K total viewers and a 0.15 18-49 rating. If the show can maintain anything like that demo rating, it should get a renewal. Douglas Pucci chips in that Hellevator was by far GSN's top show of the night in both total viewers and 18-49 viewers.

UPDATED UPDATE: The board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's dumps on the show - why am I not surprised? - as "boring and drawn-out." This may assure a renewal. Not to mention all the usual whines from oldies fans on GSN's Facebook page.

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  1. Also, Idiotest hit a series low once again. The 9 pm episode received 281k and the 9:30 episode received 212k.