Sunday, October 4, 2015

Five GSN originals

A poster on the game show forum at Sitcoms Online rather shyly asks the older-is-better board for their favorite GSN originalsI know a lot of people only like the older game shows but I think there have been some good GSN originals.

Uh, no, there are actually very, very few people who only like old game shows. That's why Buzzr reaches an average daily audience of 43 persons. It's just that those 43 persons post a lot on the Internet. Which makes it seem like there are umpteen gazillions of viewers who are dying to watch a Tattletales ep from 1977.

Anyway, the poster gets almost no response from Sitcoms Online - not a surprise on that board - but does give his own list of the top five GSN originals. I wholly agree with only one pick: The Chase. I half-agree with another choice: "Lingo - Chuck Woolery episodes only." Sorry, but the Engvall eps were terrific, too. Bill was actually a wittier and more entertaining host than Chuck. But those famous 43 persons dumped on him all over the Internet because, well, the older version has to be better, right?

The poster's other three choices aren't among my top favorites, though I liked them all. Grand Slam had too much Miller and filler, American Bible Challenge was too heavy on feel-good backstories and not heavy enough on actual gameplay, and 20Q was way overblown at an hour length. All good shows, but not on my personal top five list.

So what are my other three choices? Russian Roulette, High Stakes Poker, and (the real oddball pick) Inquizition.


  1. Good post. The Chase, Russian Roulette, Camouflage, Chain Reaction and Lingo would be mine. Just the premise overall of all those shows were good. Baggage is a close sixth.

    "That's why Buzzr reaches an average daily audience of 43 persons."

    What is it actually????

    1. I doubt that they're even buying Nielsen ratings for such a sparsely distributed subchannel.

  2. Mine would be Idiotest, Camouflage, The Chase, Bible and Chain Reaction. Buzzr would do anything to add more cities. Bring on Memphis and Nashville.

  3. Um, could it be because Engvall's version took refuge in crass humor, which Woolery's didn't do? And their contestants were even DUMBER somehow, but hey, gotta get those YouTube Moments, right?

  4. Indeed. In reality most game show fans like the classic shows, but love the newer ones. The past 15+ years have had many great game and quiz shows, and I hope it continues.!