Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feud over tuition

With game show news drying up on the weekend, I decided to write about the first Family Feud item I ran across in Google News. Did the same thing a while back with Wheel of Fortune.

I was expecting the news item to be some routine contestant story about how funny Steve Harvey is or how "surreal" the taping was. Instead, I got this lollapalooza from, of all people, Perez Hilton (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira, if you want to know).

Seems that Mr. Harvey allegedly promised to pay college tuition for a couple of Miami sisters, Alexis and Marcia Carter. All they had to do was graduate from high school and not get pregnant before graduation. (Was there anything about pregnancy after graduation? Don't ask me.)

Anyway, the girls say they held up their end of the bargain, but Steve Harvey welshed on the deal. They haven't gotten a cent for their college educations from the media mogul. Alexis and Marcia have taken their complaints to the local news, with a video clip in the linked story.

Couple things. First, if a celeb ever promised me any kind of serious money, I would get a pack of lawyers, notaries and witnesses to nail every freakin' detail in writing, with all the required signatures. Oral contracts are enforceable, but it's a ginormous chore to prove them. Second, I'm not crazy about the public-shaming routine the sisters are trying. It's got more than a whiff of shakedown.

Steve Harvey has a reputation for charitable work, so maybe this will all get settled with some money. But if I were a celeb who wanted to finance kids' educations, I'd work through a vetted organization like the UNCF.


  1. Not getting pregnant throughout high school? Keeping expectations low!