Friday, October 16, 2015

Deconstructing the genre

Broke A$$ Game Show can get on my nerves a little with the goofball stunts. The show sometimes seems designed more to ridicule the contestants than to entertain the viewers.

But once in a while the deconstruction works fine. An example: the pointless - no reference to the Brit quizzer intended - stunt they launched with a hapless contestant named Lora. It was called "New York Minute." They set Lora loose among a bunch of oddball game show props - a stuffed animal, a watermelon, a big Wheel of Fortune-ish clock - and told her to play the game.

Except they didn't tell her how to play the game. Because there was no game. There were no rules, no hints, no directions, no nothing for Lora to follow. The poor lady was just forced to wander around the props for a minute, while the hosts shouted random nonsense at her. She kept asking what to do, but of course they weren't going to tell her what to do.

Finally she picked up the watermelon and splattered it on the sidewalk. Which I thought was a nice touch. She got $50 for a minute of TV. That's not a bad hourly wage.

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