Monday, October 19, 2015

Burning off the labor

Labor Games didn't deliver (sorry) enough viewers for TLC. But hardly anything ever disappears completely in cable land. So the second season eps will get burned off on Discovery Life, one of the more obscure networks in the far-flung Discovery empire, starting October 22.

Host Lisa Arch gave an interview to TV Grapevine about the delivery-room quizzer. First, she told us about herself: "I'm a wife and mom. I'm on the PTA. I'm an actress and a host who started out in sketch comedy. I'm a generally nice person." Wikipedia (usual caveats) fills in a few more details. Her husband's name is Russell and they have one kid, a son named Garrett.

These kinds of personal details always make me a little uncomfortable. I suddenly realize that the performers I talk about so cavalierly on this blog are genuine breathing human beings with lives and careers. If I thought about this too much, I'd probably start to pull my punches, though I doubt that any of the performers ever read the stuff I post here.

Well, okay, at least a few of them do. I've gotten e-mails now and then. That's why I've always turned down opportunities to interview cast or crew members on a game show. I don't want to get close at all - even on a conference call interview - with people in the business.

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