Thursday, October 29, 2015

Building a wall

As a faux tweet noted, Chris Hardwick of @Midnight and Talking Dead is getting a real game show.

NBC announced a while back that they were developing a game show with hoopster LeBron James. Don't exactly know what particular game show expertise LeBron brings to the project, but his name has publicity value, no doubt. Yesterday the waiting world learned that Hardwick will host the show, called The Wall. The reason for the name is that a ball bounces around a wall and that determines something or other in the trivia quizzer. Or as the Deadline story puts it:
The 10-episode series will feature two-person teams related by family, friendship or life experience. They’ll compete for cash that can be won or lost in an instant, depending upon whether a ball bounces their way, or a trivia question is answered correctly.
My guess is that the trivia won't be Jeopardy $2,000-level difficult. Pop culture, anyone?

Oh, maybe I'm just being snobbish because LeBron James is tied to the project. The show might be a clever quizzer that will entertain and enlighten millions. I have to stop prejudging (slapping myself silly for daring to doubt NBC). No word on when the show will debut.

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