Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blogroll blues

A couple sites on the blogroll look to have gone dormant, or sort of defunct, or something.

Game Show Garbage is the stranger case. The site seems to have gone out of the game show business. The last (loosely) game show related item was posted on September 27, and the last item of any kind on October 3.

Apparently due to personal issues with GSG's main game show proprietor, the site will no longer run any game show material. GSG may continue with "tooncrap" and whatever other crap they like, but I'm not interested. I'll track the site for a few more weeks, but its days on the blogroll look numbered.

Game Show Garbage might have been a good idea once upon a time. But the site soon ran out of truly horrible game shows. The writers then had to pretend that mediocre (at worst) shows deserved the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal. That pretense got old fast.

Game Show Confessions hasn't posted anything for three months now. It was mostly an oldies site, though the posters occasionally found something good to say about a current show. I'll drop it from the blogroll in a few days if nothing new shows up. Meanwhile I'll start hunting for replacement sites for the sidebar.

UPDATE: I replaced the sites with the Buzzr and GSN Facebook pages. The first tends to be super fanboi and the second tends to be super anti-fanboi. Of course, this is due to the heavy older-is-better skew among the few hundred people who post about game shows on the Internet. Buzzr is the oldies channel so the commenters love it. GSN has gone away from oldies so the commenters hate it.

Sure, the comments on the Facebook pages hardly reflect the relative popularity of the two networks in the real world. GSN has a huge audience compared to Buzzr. But the pages do attract lots of posts. So they're in the sidebar.

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  1. Don't forget about a new blog I just did recently:

    It's Buzzr 101 and you're in school with the old school.