Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back at GSN

Haven't posted much about GSN lately, so I might as well use the latest legal news as an excuse. In case you haven't heard or you don't care or both, GSN looks like they're about to lose the endless tussle with cable carrier Cablevision over tier placement. The silly tiff began five years ago and has dragged on forever before the FCC.

Meanwhile, GSN has grown plenty in viewership and household availability and is doing just fine. But the lawyers have kept arguing and arguing, because that's what lawyers do. At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner notes the proceedings, and I respond. I also chip in some cheap and easy comments about renewal chances for Steampunk'd...

I polished the Cablevision nonsense off in a faux tweet. It's a nothing burger, a stupid case that has dragged on for 50 years (slight exaggeration). Right now GSN is rolling to its most watched year ever, by a wide margin. The network just hit 80 million available households and is close to being fully distributed. Who cares about this ancient spat over tier placement?

As for Steampunk'd, anything that can get 100K in 18-49 has a chance for renewal on GSN. The downside is that the show has no rerun value - it's a cliche that reality reruns badly, as GSN has found out several times - and the total viewer numbers are marginal at best. The show may be right on the bubble for another season.


  1. It looks like tomorrow's "Price" episode is going to be a rerun because I am not getting the soap opera ratings. I WANT THE RATINGS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!