Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Drew all the time

In one of the show's more imaginative Halloween stunts, The Price is Right dressed all the on-air crew as Drew Carey (see the screenshot).

That would sure scare the bejesus out of Internet oldies fans who still carry a torch for Bob. A lot of them hang out at Golden Road, where one guy's signature - "How anyone is still enjoying the show is beyond me" - sums up the pining for Barker. But even on Golden Road some of the posters seem to have finally labored through all the stages of grief to Acceptance of Drew as The Host.

In fact, next season will be Carey's tenth on the show, and TPiR has long since taken the stamp of his personality and hosting style. The Price is Right still pulls an outsized audience by broadcast daytime standards, as CBS likes to brag now and then. Even on the traditionalist game show Interwebs, change can be eventually accepted. It's not always evil in itself and catastrophic by definition.

Speaking of traditionalists, I just noticed a funny exchange on the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's. Game Show Forum was chewing over GSN's schedule - only the oldies, of course - when one poster wrote that he hadn't seen the schedule for October 28 on my blog. To which BrandonFG - no idea who he is - grumped: "Your source was your first mistake."

Nice to see that I've still got adoring fans in oldies land. In case Brandon's interested, which he isn't, I posted the GSN schedule for October 28 (and the inevitable revisions) a while back. I post 'em as soon as I get 'em.


  1. The Price is Right remains a fun show and true to its reformatting from 1972, and the producers, and Drew, have done a great job keeping the show fresh and modern while keeping it rooted in tradition.

    If anything, Drew is better now than Bob Barker's last few years, when Bob went into pure robot mode, and when Barker believed in the myth of Bob Barker.

    And golden road is a fascinating and bizarre site. A great site for documenting the history of the show, but some weird posters who cannot accept, at all, that it's not 1981 anymore, and that Bob Barker retired. I worry that when Bob passes, as he will, some will throw themselves outside of their windows.

    1. I'll admit, I was skeptical about him in his first season. But hosting is a process. As time went on, he got better explaining the games and he interacts well with the contestants. Similar to Steve Harvey, everyone thought he would kill Family Feud for good, but he brought the show back from the dead and now it frequently ranks among the top 5 shows in syndication. In Bob's last few years, you could tell he seemed tired out.