Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trimmed down

Just watched the debut of Monopoly Millionaires Club's second season. The new half-hour length works well for the skill-free giveaway. The toughest decision a contestant on the show has to make is when to stop. The producers have made the right decision in stopping the proceedings at thirty minutes.

Speaking of the contestants, they tend to be the down-to-earth types you would expect to buy tickets from a state lottery. Like the guy in the first game tonight, a Grizzly Adams sort from Maine who liked to hunt and fish. Which gives the show that blue-collar feel sought by political consultants in election ads.

But overlaying the blue-collar-ness is a massive blanket of Vegas glitz, with one of the ritziest-ditziest sets you'll see on any game show. The electronic whizbangery works pretty well, though, because it's based on that humblest of rainy day pastimes, a game of Monopoly.

Billy Gardell hosts agreeably, looking like a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (which he is) who got dressed up and wandered onto the set. The studio audience whoops it up emphatically because they get a cut of the loot. It's not the most challenging gameplay ever, but the show passes a half-hour pleasantly enough.

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  1. Just watched it. It works much better in a half-hour.. less worry about variety in games than the hour-long format. And apparently, the audience jackpot actually is a rising jackpot this year ($300K tonight).