Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The pain of Arthur

The screenshot shows Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu giving Alex Trebek his usual glare.

It was this sweet and friendly demeanor that made Arthur such a hit during his stay on Jeopardy. He seems to think that his run on the show lasted 200 episodes or so, but it really only trudged along for twelve painful eps, including the one he lost. He then capitulated to Ben Ingram in the T of C, to most everybody's delight.

As a faux tweet noted, instead of finally going away and bothering nobody except his immediate family, Chu has made himself into an ongoing Internet pest. In fact, he's waded into the Gamergate controversy, a monumentally stupid fuss which looks designed for his endearing and affable persona. His latest broadside in the Gamergate idiocy suggests that we should turn over control of the Internet to liability lawyers. Because, apparently, lawyers are such lovable lunks like himself.

Various commenters on Chu's article have ripped him to shreds and then ripped the shreds to shreds. The best (and funniest) reply comes from a blog named Popehat. Honest. The title of the response: "Arthur Chu Would Like To Make Lawyers Richer and You Quieter and Poorer."

Which is an all too accurate summary of Chu's goofball rant. I realize that Chu caught a lot of grief during his run on Jeopardy and afterwards. I catch a lot of grief on this blog and elsewhere. Anybody who expresses an opinion on the Internet about any flipping thing catches grief. It comes with the cybernetic territory.

Chu wants his lawyers to be able to sue away all the grief he gets. Well, tough. The world doesn't want or need your lawyers, Arthur.

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