Friday, September 18, 2015

The first Wheel story I came across

Just for funsies I'm doing a blog entry about a Wheel of Fortune story. But not just any story. This blog entry is about the first item that came up when I typed "Wheel of Fortune" into Google News.

I was half-expecting a contestant story, and Google did not disappoint. It was a simple item on a Pennsylvania news site. Seems that Joette Leshinski, a graduate of a local high school, will appear on Wheel's October 2 episode. To offer a little local flavor, the story gives the addresses of her parents and her grandmother.

Ms. Leshinski currently lives in Los Angeles. She "works behind the scenes in entertainment productions. In addition, her voice talents are utilized in the production of audio books."

So at least her voice should sound pleasant on WoF. I don't know anything more about Joette beyond her winsome picture included with the story. Well, wait a minute. She's a graduate of Bloomberg University. And she has an item in Google News about her appearance on a game show.

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