Thursday, September 3, 2015

September song

September has rolled around, and with the cooler weather comes the debut of gazillions of new TV shows. Our little genre is not immune to the rash of premieres. In fact, there's a bigger bunch of game show debuts than normal. Maybe networks and syndicators are catching on to the famously low production costs of fun and games. We've got no fewer than ten premieres over the next few weeks.

September 12. Monopoly Millionaires Club. State lotteries kick off a second season of the now stripped-down half-hour syndie. They hope you buy lots of tickets.

September 14. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud, Millionaire. The syndie establishment rolls into their umpteenth seasons. Millionaire is making by far the most drastic changes, with a new host and retro gameplay. But then Millionaire is easily the Nielsen Company's least favorite of this group.

September 15. Labor Games. A second season for the neonatal version of Cash Cab. Lisa Arch pesters parents-to-be with goofy questions for money and stuff.

September 21. The Price is Right, Let's Make a Deal, Celebrity Name Game. The CBS duo proceeds into yet another year of giving away merchandise of all sorts. And the spunkiest kid among the syndies fights to stay afloat in its second season.

September 23. Game Plane. The flying version of Cash Cab sends Mark Walberg to Discovery Family, with the playful passengers of Allegiant Air.

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