Monday, September 14, 2015

Professional quiz

Just watched my first episode of Millionaire with Chris Harrison and the retro rules.

I don't think it was the "official" premiere episode, just a double-run ep from later in the series. But it was plenty enough to form a key conclusion about the drastic changes Millionaire has made this season. After God knows how many experiments with new hosts and random questions, Millionaire finally looks like a serious quizzer again.

Harrison is competent, friendly, professional, and always in control of the game and himself. It's like watching a grown-up do the show instead of a scenery-chewing kid. The money tree makes sense as it always did, with the questions gradually increasing in difficulty. Not that the queries start out easy. There are challenges right from the beginning, and the first contestant on the episode wiped out before she got to the first safe level at five grand.

The second contestant made it up to seven grand, but not without burning all her lifelines. I'll tune in tomorrow to see how she does. It's nice to have a real quizzer back again, instead of an attempt at comedy hour (or half-hour).


  1. Anybody get the cyberial cigar yet?

    1. I take it your post is in jest? The cigar dude got banned on

  2. I actually liked it I thought Chris Harrison was smooth and not very annoying like the last 2 hosts were and I give Harrison thumbs up