Monday, September 14, 2015

News and views

Stuff rolls into my inbox from the oddest places. Celebrity Name Game just sent me a list of their celeb players for the first eight eps of the new season, plus a couple of video sneak peeks (which are available on YouTube). I can tell you that Kim Kardashian's butt - the clue, not the actual item - shows up on the September 22 ep.

The celebs for the first episodes:

Sept. 21 Betsy Brandt and Tom Arnold
Sept. 22 Sheryl Underwood and David Arquette
Sept. 23 Billy Bush and Kit Hoover
Sept. 24 Billy Bush and Kit Hoover
Sept. 25 Alex Borstein and Terrell Owens
Sept. 28 Russell Hornsby and Vivica A. Fox
Sept. 29 Colin Egglesfield and Kate Flannery
Sept. 30 Ross Matthews and Virginia Madsen

These are mostly returnees from the first season, with a few new faces. The entertaining Pyramid knockoff is doing what Pyramid used to do. Once they find celebs who are good at the demanding game, they use those same celebs over and over.

I like the show, so I hope the second season proves successful. Gotta admit, I have my worries about CNG's future.


  1. The program airs nationally on Pop! (The old TV GUIDE channel) and on markets 100 and beyond on CW+ affiliates 12noon weekdays and Sundays at 7:30am.

    1. Those are some prime time slots! (/sarcasm)

  2. I think they're using the term "celebrity" pretty loosely. I only know of one of the "celebrities". That one was Tom Arnold and he is definitely a fading one, if not a "Isn't he dead?" one.

  3. Based on what I've read on the sidebar? I'm no longer a fan of Wink Martindale.