Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Maybe another season

Sage Young, apparently the real name of a Bustle writer, wants another season for Hollywood Game Night. I agree, if not overwhelmingly.

The show gets on my nerves a little with the jackhammer pop culture emphasis. Can't they find any other subject material? But this is meant to be light entertainment, not a Jeopardy tryout. Or even a Cash Cab segment. The idea is to get celebs to play goofy games and look more human than celebs usually do. Which the show does pretty well most of the time.

Jane Lynch runs things with enough authority but doesn't get too Patton-ish. Hollywood Game Night has produced okay numbers, four-and-a-half to five million viewers with 18-48 ratings in the mid-ones. Hardly an embarrassment for NBC on a summer night. The network hasn't announced a renewal, but does NBC have a flock of terrific shows for June through August? Maybe there will be another batch of episodes.

If not, GSN could pick up the 38 existing eps and grind them into dust. That's a pretty sizable run by GSN standards.


  1. BuzzerBlog recently posted, a Season 4 contestant tryout for Hollywood Game Night, on behalf of NBC.

    1. Casting calls don't really prove anything. Wipeout posted a casting call before ABC axed the show. A new season for Hollywood Game Night is by no means assured. The numbers ore only okay.