Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Labor in vain

As a faux tweet noted, Labor Games' second season debut crashed and burned on TLC.

Now it looks like Lisa Arch and her expectant parents have vanished completely from the network. Something called Cake Boss - I never watch TLC because they don't want XY chromosome types - is taking over the show's slots for the next two weeks. Labor Games is nowhere to be found on TLC's schedule. The show's page is still on the network's web site, but with no indication of when, if ever, it will return. I assume the second season eps will get burned off somehow, sometime. Maybe Christmas morning?

Although I was only lukewarm on Labor Games, it's always a little depressing when a traditional game show - even one in a delivery room - gets the ax. This was hardly the greatest quizzer ever, but the idea was kind of cute. Maybe too cute. TLC's viewers apparently didn't like women in labor getting pestered by the arch (sorry) Lisa and her silly questions.

Geeks Who Drink is dying a similar death on Syfy, though the network hasn't pulled the show from the schedule. The genre could use a cable hit somewhere to get other networks interested. Oh well, CNN Quiz Show isn't doing too bad in the ratings.

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  1. Geeks has announced prizes, to go along with its cheap costs & meager ratings. So, a second season could happen, if they are serious about Krypton Factor. Lisa Arch was just a.....poor woman's Tiny Fey anyway.