Sunday, September 6, 2015

Goodbye to all that

When game show hosts take their standup acts on the road, you get lots of interviews with local media.

Usually, the chat is predictable and shallow. These guys are just promoting their standup shows, after all, so you don't expect deep ruminations on the human condition. This Maclean's (a Canadian newsmagazine) interview with Craig Ferguson, though, is a little meatier than most. Later this month Ferguson will tow his standup act around Ontario, so the magazine asked him about the vagaries of late night talk shows. Craig did one for ten years, you know.

Ferguson sounds happy happy joy joy to be out of the late night wars. "I don't miss it. And I don't kind of pine for it, I don't think I would ever do it again, but it was great. I don't think I'm in any way shape or form desperate to do it again." And then he goes on at length as to why he doesn't miss it.

To some extent Craig might be protesting too much. After all, he was reportedly interested in doing a syndie talk show until the project fell through. But on the famous other hand, maybe he does like the greater freedom of a game show schedule, where you can run off the episodes and then have plenty of time to hit the road with your standup act. Not to mention that you might win an Emmy, which is something that the late night talk show never got you.

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