Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Game show network

Haven't posted an entry about GSN for a little while. Seems like those entries get a lot of comments, maybe because the network closed down their own comment board a while back. They got tired of reading endless posts about how they should run more forty-year-old stuff. Also, a GSN entry gives me an excuse for the screenshot from Baggage. Who doesn't like a little cheesecake? (I'm talking about the girl, not Jerry.)

As I mentioned in the latest ratings post, GSN has finally gotten rid of the Man v. Fly interstitials. The arthropods were certainly not helping the prime time averages, and might have been hurting them a little. In general, GSN can't expect its prime time lineup to prosper nearly as well against the broadcast networks' new seasons, which are beginning as I type. GSN enjoyed a sizzling, record-breaking summer, but that was against mostly low-rated reruns and filler on the broadcasters.

The network continues its reality experiments with Steampunk'd. This show first looked like a demo winner but now seems like a general loser. No naked girls, after all, as on the far more successful Skin Wars. The latest season of The Chase got more than respectable numbers, and Chain Reaction looks okay in the ratings if not a runaway success. Idiotest, always a demo fave for GSN, may already have won another season, if casting calls can be believed.

Which leaves Hellevator, GSN's oddest try at expanding its viewership beyond people who quiver over Press Your Luck reruns (a.k.a. hardcore game show fans). Gotta admit, I'm a little intrigued by this project, and not just because of those annoying promos with screams from a female contestant. Can GSN produce a convincingly creepy horror game? We'll find out next month.

UPDATE: GSN has announced a spin-off of the Skin Wars franchise for 2016. This will be a more game-show-ey version, with self-contained episodes awarding ten grand each. The network has ordered eight hour-long eps. It's still more of a talent contest than a game show, though, with subjective judging by experts in painting naked people.

UPDATED UPDATE: Scott Rahner got a rough cut of Hellevator from GSN and reviewed it favorably at Game Show Network News.

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  1. "Idiotest, always a demo fave for GSN, may already have won another season, if casting calls can be believed."

    You bet casting calls can be believed, especially since they are through GSN's website and through the Idiotest twitter feed.

    When they are on Craigslist, I am skeptical and know what you're saying. But unless casting is very weak, Idiotest Season 3 is for real.