Friday, September 11, 2015


Carrie Grosvenor has posted (or reposted) an entry on her game show site at concerning free stuff.

I'm talking about free episodes of game shows on the Internet. Carrie gives a bunch of sources, including broadcast and cable network sites, Hulu, YouTube, the Museum of Broadcast Communications, and BlinkX. There are a lot of free eps around the Interwebs, and I've enjoyed a fair number of them.

There are always intellectual property issues, of course. Buzzr has proven that in their misguided crusade against the What's My Line channel on YouTube. By and large, though, most copyright owners have allowed game show content onto the web. YouTube is the biggest storehouse, as it is for videos of just about every kind. The site's search box is the gateway to almost every game show conceivable, and some that are inconceivable.

Carrie's final remark about the lack of free Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune episodes is not quite accurate. YouTube offers some freebie eps, including fairly recent ones. How long Sony will permit them is an open question. But for now the videos are there for the viewing.


  1. It would be nice, for those of us who have freed ourselves from the cable and satellite companies, if Wheel and Jeopardy allowed their episodes posted online for next day viewing, like networks do theirs. Even with ads, another stream of revenue. Baffling they don't.

  2. In another Jeopardy news, Zach Horan has been banned from the J boards