Saturday, September 19, 2015

Back to the TPiR future

A faux tweet mentioned the decades stunt which kicks off The Price is Right's new season Monday.

Now Entertainment Tonight publishes some fun video of Drew Carey repeating Bob Barker's original spiel from TPiR's seventies debut. Back then it was The New Price is Right, to distinguish the show from the ancient black-and-white version with Bill Cullen. Drew next week (and Bob back then) assures the audience that the basic idea of guessing prices remains the same. We're just introducing a few new twists, folks.

The new twists have helped the show last forty-four years now. That's not nearly as long as I've lasted, but it's still pretty impressive. It's such a simple idea - figuring out the prices of merchandise - but it's mutated into a slew of different pricing games. All the games have kept the show fresh enough to endure through several wars and eight different presidents. Politicians come and go but TPiR is forever, or as close to forever as TV usually gets.

Just one thing. Drew looks a little weird in that black wig.


  1. Here's some TPIR trivia: When the NBC version of the TPIR was cancelled, it was replaced with the Monty Halls Let's Make A Deal. When Mark Goodson was pitching TPIS in a promo film, he wanted Dennis James as host. In fact in the promo film, he showed how Dennis James sub'd on LMAD, playing a pricing game with a couple for a new car. And even though CBS insisted on Bob Barker as CBS host instead of Dennis James, Bob Barker initially wanted to host a different game show that premiered on that day: "The Jokers Wild".

    1. Better to have Dennis James than Bob "Fur Coats and Holly Hallstrom Never Existed" Barker.